NCYFL are delighted to announce the dates of our 2019-20 Cup Finals. The finals were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are now thrilled to be able to complete our competitions. Clubs that are participating in the finals will be given detailed guidance for spectators, arrival times, test and trace and match protocol. Divisional Secretary’s will be contacting the relevant team managers to confirm their place in the final. Some competitions still have outstanding semi-finals, and these will need to be completed by the end of the 16th August. The dates for the finals will not be moved, if finalists are unable to complete on the given date, the game will not be played. Only players that were registered in the 2019-20 season and have met the Cup Rules on eligibility will be allowed to play. All players should be registered on the Whole Game System (with consent) prior to any Semi Final or Final fixture taking place. If a player has moved to another club, and wishes to play in the final, please contact your Divisional Secretary for further guidance.

DateKO TimeAgeCompetitionHome TeamAway TeamVenue
15th August9:30U7Kappa CupSprowston F.C. U7 HawksHellesdon F.C. U7 LionsFDC Bowthorpe
15th August10:45U8Kappa CupHellesdon F.C. U8 LionsHeigham Park Rangers F.C. U8FDC Bowthorpe
15th August12:00U74sports TrophyHorsford F.C. U7 HarriersAylsham F.C. U7FDC Bowthorpe
15th August13:15U84sports TrophyOld Catton J.F.C. U8 PumasDrayton Youth F.C. U8 PumasFDC Bowthorpe
16th August10:00U11Kappa CupStoke United F.C. U11 RedsMulbarton Wanderers F.C. U11 WarriorsFDC Flegg
16th August11:45U139v9 Kappa CupNew Buckenham Juniors F.C. U13Spixworth Youth F.C. U13/Mulbarton Wanderers F.C. U13FDC Flegg
16th August12:30U10Sun Kappa Cup SouthScole United F.C. U10Bulldogs F.C. U10 AvengersFDC Open 1
16th AugustH-WU10Sun 4sports Trophy South (Awarded to Harling Colts F.C. U10 Lightning)Harling Colts F.C. U10 LightningNew Buckenham Juniors F.C. U10FDC Open 2
16th August14:15U9Sun Kappa CupBawdeswell Youth F.C. U9Scole United F.C. U9FDC Open 1
16th August15:30U164sports TrophyHorsford F.C. U16Dereham Town Youth F.C. U16 BlacksFDC Open
22nd August12:30U9Sat Kappa CupAylsham F.C. U9/Sprowston F.C. U9 FalconsAttleborough Town F.C. U9/Costessey Sports F.C. U9 EaglesFDC Open 1
22nd AugustA-WU10Sat 4sports Trophy South (Awarded to Tasburgh United F.C. U10 Whites)Wymondham Town United F.C. U10 FalconsTasburgh United F.C. U10 Whites
22nd August12:30U10Sat Kappa U10 Cup SouthAttleborough Town F.C. U10 BluesHellesdon F.C. U10FDC Open 2
22nd August14:15U9Sat 4sports Trophy SouthMattishall Youth F.C. U9/Hillside Rovers F.C. U9Taverham F.C. U9 Lions/Horsford F.C. U9 HarriersFDC Open 1
22nd August14:15U10Sat 4sports Trophy CentralHeigham Park Rangers F.C. U10/Taverham F.C. U10 LionsOld Catton Juniors F.C. U10 LionsFDC Open 2
22nd August16:00U10Sat Kappa Cup CentralCringleford F.C. U10 Rangers/Brandon Town Community F.C. U10 RavensDereham Town Youth F.C. U10 Magpies/Brandon Town Community F.C. U10 RoversFDC Open 1
22nd August16:00U10Sun Kappa Cup CentralWatton Juniors F.C. U10/Aylsham F.C. U10 JaguarsHolt United Youth F.C. U10FDC Open 2
22nd August17:45U10Sun 4sports Trophy CentralSwanton Morley F.C. U10 Reds/Dussindale Rovers F.C. U10Aylsham F.C. U10FDC Open 2
22nd August10:30U114sports TrophyCringleford F.C. U11 RoversNorth Walsham Town F.C. U11FDC Flegg
22nd August12:30U11Kappa TrophySwanton Morley F.C. U11 BlacksCringleford F.C. U11 WarriorsFDC Flegg
22nd August14:30U12Kappa CupFeltwell Youth F.C. U12Dereham Town Youth F.C. U12FDC Flegg
23rd August12:30U15Kappa CupSprowston F.C. U15Bulldogs F.C. U15FDC Open
23rd August15:00U154sports TrophyNorman Wanderers F.C. U15Rocklands Youth F.C. U15FDC Open
29th August10:30U14Kappa CupSprowston F.C. U14 HawksNorth Walsham Town F.C. U14Aldiss Park
29th August13:00U144sports TrophyCostessey Sports F.C. U14Horsford F.C. U14Aldiss Park
30th August10:30U13Kappa CupCostessey Sports F.C. U13 HarriersMundford F.C. U13/Drayton F.C. U13/Bulldogs F.C. U13Aldiss Park
30th August13:00U134sports TrophyBawburgh F.C. U13Salhouse F.C. U13/Old Catton J.F.C. U13 PumasAldiss Park