NCYFL RULES OF CUP COMPETITIONS for ages U7 to U18 (2018-19)

1. Each age group from under 7 to under 18 shall have its own cup or trophy competition. From U12 to U18 may have a plate competition.

2. Subject to these rules the league rules apply.

3. The decision of the management committee relating to dates and venues of matches shall be binding on all teams.

4. The management committee shall provide a neutral ground for the final ties.

5. Where the management committee is unable to provide a neutral ground, the match shall be played on the ground of the team coming first in the draw. In the event of the team coming out of the draw first not being able to stage the match on the scheduled date, the game shall be played on the ground of the team having been drawn out second.

6. The management committee shall endeavour to facilitate the appointment of as many referees and assistant referees for cup matches as possible. Otherwise Rule 13 of the league rules shall apply.

7. Expenses relating to all cup matches (with the exception of the final tie) shall be borne equally by both clubs.

8. NCYFL shall meet all match expenses of the final ties and shall take the proceeds of any gate or programme monies involved.

9. The competitions shall be conducted on the knock out principle.

10. A player may not play for a team if he has played in a previous round for another team in the same age group competition in the same season.

11. No player may play in any semi final or final tie unless he has been registered for his team prior to 1st March in each year, and has played in at least three league matches in this competition. In exceptional circumstances the management committee may give permission for a player to play. Applications for this must be in writing to the league secretary at least five days in advance.

12. Any player who has played in a more senior fixture in two or more of the three consecutive matches played immediately prior to the fixture will not be eligible to play in that fixture. For the purposes of this cup competition a more senior fixture is defined as an older age group.

13. Teams found guilty of playing ineligible players in a cup match may be removed from the competition and may be fined up to £50. If the game is ordered to be replayed then the offending club may also be ordered to pay the expenses incurred.

14. In the event of a team failing to fulfil a cup-fixture on the date decided, it may forfeit the match to its opponents and may be liable to a fine of up to £50.

15. Cup matches shall kick off between 10.00 am and 2.00 pm, to be determined by the home team.

16. For all cup matches where there is a colour clash then the away team will change colours.

17. Results of all cup fixtures must be reported via SMS and completed on the fulltime sheets, as in league rules.

18, A cup or trophy shall be awarded to the winning team in a cup final tie.

19. In addition to the cup or trophy the league may award 16 (14 for 9v9) mementos to players of the winning team. Additional mementos may be purchased by the teams through the league for players who play did not play in the final tie but who played in a previous round or rounds.

20. In the event of a draw at the end of normal time in any cup match, including the final tie, extra time of five minutes each way for U7 to U11, 10 minutes each way for U12 to U16 and 15 minutes each way for U17 & U18 age groups shall be played. If the scores are still level at the end of extra time, the match shall be decided by the taking of penalties as laid down in the Laws of the game.

21. Both sides shall provide a match ball for cup matches. The referee shall decide the ball to be used for the match.