What Information we collect and how we collect it

Norfolk Combined Youth Football League (NCYFL) is a FA Chartered Standard Respect League. The information we ask you to provide includes details required to operate NCYFL. It will include but is not limited to:

(1) Any personal details about your child and you, such as full name, date of birth, home address, email address, and contact telephone numbers.

(2) The information is collected by clubs at the start of each season on the clubs’ registration form. Parents need to sign these forms to give their consent to the information being used.

What we do with the information you provide us with

The information we collect from you is used to run the league responsibly.

(1) Information is retained by the club and used by the team mangers to run the teams. This includes registering players through the Whole Game System operated by the English Football Association. Some details are then passed over to the FA Fulltime system for administration purposes.

(2) Information will be used and processed to provide safeguarding for your child whilst they are playing football in the league.

(3) Contact details for club officials will be collected and then displayed on the NCYFL website to enable league officials to communicate with clubs about league matters.

(4) Contact details for team managers will be collected and then displayed on the NCYFL website to enable league officials and other team managers to contact teams regarding arrangements for games. 2 contact numbers per team will be used by the FA Fulltime website to SMS teams to submit results of games.

Who we pass your Information to

During the course of the football season we could pass on personal information about your child and you to the following organisations.

(1) NCYFL is affiliated to the English Football Association (FA) and is required to register all players with the Norfolk FA. The information collected by clubs is passed to the FA and NCYFL so that your child is registered to play football. Both of organisations provide oversight and governance of football clubs and ensure they operate fairly and properly within policies they implement.

(2) We will be obliged to disclose personal data that we hold if for any reason we are contacted by the UK Police and summonsed to provide information relating to an ongoing investigation.

Can I see a copy of the information you hold about me?

The Data Protection Act (DPA) gives you the right to see personal information held about you. NCYFL are a voluntary organisation and collect information for recreational purposes only. This means we do not have to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

We do however wish to operate fairly and transparently. We have been given statements by the English Football Association to say that the systems they operate will be compliant with the legislation.

The only information that NCYFL will hold will be that given on a player registration form for which consent is given by a parent for this to be used. The application process for playing in the league collects the information for club officials and managers and it is only this information that the league will have and provision of this information is required to participate in the league.